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Shannon C.
Boston, MA

Hi Beth,
I just wanted to follow up with you about the bus we rented on Saturday. Gideon was absolute perfection. He made our night unbelievably fun!!!! We will 100% be doing business with you both in the future. Please thank Gideon for a great night from all of us at Bentley. I’ll be sure to recommend you and your company to anyone in need of a party bus in the future.
Thank you again!


Allison R.
Boston, MA

Hi Beth,
My name is Allison R... and I was a guest on a party trolley on Boston for my friend's bachelorette party almost 3 years ago. I promised the driver, Gideon I would submit a testimonial of my positive experience but I lost the business card he gave me and just discovered it today randomly. I hope he is still employed with the company at least, but coming from a retail pharmacy background where guest survey scores matter, I can certainly appreciate a word of praise about my services. Not only was the night in itself fantastic on the bus, but Gideon was just the most professional, pleasant and courteous driver I have ever encountered. When the night had come to an end, he offered to personally drop me off at the doorstep of my destination to save me a cab fare (since it was late at night and I was headed to a somewhat dicey area, especially at this particular hour.) I really appreciated his kindness and extra efforts to make my night memorable and to ensure my safe return. Guest service like that is certainly hard to come by, and I would most definitely recommend your company to anyone looking for an over the top party bus experience, maybe on a different level than usually appreciated. I never did forget that night and was ecstatic to find the business card and acknowledge the generosity that was extended to me a few years ago. If possible I would like you to share this information with Gideon, just in case he remembers the night. I would like to think it might brighten his day to know he truly impacted someone. Thanks for your time and fantastic services.
Take care,


Margaret W.
Park Ridge, IL

I reserved the extra large party trolley as a surprise for my son's 21 birthday. I was arranging all of this long distance and Gideon was extremely helpful. Everything went off without a hitch with a pick up first at BC and then to my son's off campus house. It was a great surprise. Although I was not there, my daughter, son and all 50 of his friends said it was a night to remember. Gideon was great with all the guests and the pizza pick-up mid way through is a great part of the price. Would highly recommend this venue. Not cheap, but worth every penny.


Michelle M.
Boston, MA

Hi Beth,
I just wanted to send a quick email thanking you all for a wonderful evening last Thursday! Your drivers were very professional, tons of fun and Gideon was spectacular! Your drivers, Mike and Chris were especially helpful. Despite all of the excitement in Boston, Thursday evening, we were unscathed and untouched by the incidents going on in the city and our guests had a fabulous time, and my CEO was very pleased! Please pass on the word to everyone that your company was fantastic!
Thank you again,
Michelle Mahoney


They wrote about us in the news- paper:


Jason, Y.
Boston, MA

I wanted to thank you all for a great evening last night. All of the guys in the bachelor party (and even people on the street) were pleasantly surprised with the trolley. The entire time was a lot of fun for everyone and Gideon was a fantastic driver and host to ensure we had the best party possible. I will definitely recommend your company to anyone who would be searching for a party bus in Boston in the future.
Thanks again,
Jason York


Micheal M.
Boston, MA

I could not have asked for a better time! We had a group of about 40 people in one of the extra large trolleys and it was the perfect size. Beth made reserving the trolley so easy and was always very responsive to any questions I had prior to the night. Our driver for the night, Jay, was awesome too. He completely catered to what we wanted and was so accommodating. This was my 4th time on one of these things and it never disappoints. Everyone always has such an great time. Would definitely recommend doing this if you're looking for an incredible night out. Can't wait for my next one!


Emily Macdonald
Boston, Ma

Hi Beth,
I just wanted to say thank for helping with booking the trolley. We had a great time on Saturday night and the bride to be was very very happy. You were great to work with and we would definitely book again for another event.
we did have a great night

Thank you again for your services.


Katelyn Simone

Hi Beth,
I just wanted to thank you so much for all your help with our trolley rentalfor our wedding on september 29th. You were a pleasure to work with, and answered all my questions quickly and effiemtly.
You were so helpful and accomodating. We really appreciate you sending the larger trolley. We were so excited when we saw it! Wendall was great, and we hade a blast! I will definitely recommend your company to friends.
Thanks againe!
Katelyn Simone


Perrie B.
Boston, MA

I've had two friends use this service for Birthday parties. The first one was an amazing party and everyone was thrilled. The second party exceeded my expectations. After our second time around I noticed my cellphone had gone missing  and the owner Gideon PERSONALLY delivered it to me before I could even miss it. I will definitely use this service again. I've ran brewery tours and rented party buses from different places over the last 5 years and they have earned the right to say they are the best.



Ann L.
Boston, MA

Awesome experience. Awesome staff. I cannot even explain how well it went for my 24th birthday party. Instead of renting their famous trolley, I decided to go with a Limo Bus on Feb 11. Gideon was very accommodating and Beth was always ahead of her game. Though Gideon seems to be everywhere it's because he is extremely busy, poor guy.. doing 5 things at once. But anyway, we had the best time ever! I always thought partying on a limo bus was a lame idea.. At first, it was weird just because we're trying to drink on a moving bus! I thought I would get motion sickness but that didn't even happen! Our bus driver, Tom  (yes, I clearly remember his name because he was such a sweet guy!) did anything we wanted! He drove for a bit, we stopped at Red Sky and stayed for was such an awesome experience. I would definitely do it again. Thanks Gideon, Beth and Tom!! Highly recommend. ;]

P.S. Before booking my bus at The Original Party Trolley Bus, I called a couple places for prices..the Original Party Trolley probably has the best deal! Better service and always accommodating compared to (*cough BUSTONIAN *cough). Those people were just rude.. Call Gideon now and book your bus!


Rob T.
Boston, MA

Awesome. Party bus has everything that you would need. Loud Music (can use your IPOD), Fog Machine, Bubble Machine, Strobe Lights, Laser Lights, Dance Floor, Dance Poles, Perimeter Seats. Gideon, the driver was awesome. Very nice guy. I would definitely use this party trolley again for special occasions.

Jeremy B.
Stoughton, MA

If you're looking for the best night of your life hands down, this is where you go...

I got a party trolley last Friday for my birthday along with about 25 friends. It was the best night of my life. Before getting a party trolley, I had looked into the bustonian (over priced and shitty) and a few other companies. Most places want $1700 for 5 hours which is absurd, especially in this economy. So I called the original party trolley, and I was instantly blown away. Gideon answered the phone and was full of excitement. He gave me a great deal and said he would throw in 5 large pizzas for us to eat too! (and he did). So we got a large bus for 5 hours for $999. It's tough getting money from all your friends, so when Gideon asked for $400 deposit and I said I only had $250 at the time, he said it was fine! Beth (who I'm guessing runs their office), was just as fantastic. She gave me an extra day to get the balance in so that I could get everyone's money. (getting money from your Friends is the hardest part if you can't cover everyone up front)

So the night of the trolley, everyone met at my house. We had our time slated for 9pm-2am. The trolley showed up around 8:40, and the driver told us to take our time. Wicked friendly guy he was. If you get one, I highly recommend Stanley. He knew the best spots to go and was fun, not just a ghost on the trolley.
So we started out by going to fanuiel hall, and as we pulled up, Stanley let the bars know that we were with him: No cover, no wait in the lines! He couldn't stay on the street, so he gave me his cell phone number to call him whenever we wanted to leave. We hit about 3 bars before moving on. We had to stop a bunch of times for the girls to go to the bathroom, and Stanley was cool with that too. (we had to stop a lot haha)
We finally ended up near the Garden and tried to get into a bar that said they didn't know of any trolley party or any free cover. Well, that wasn't ok with Gideon. The guy drove out to the Garden at midnight just to talk to this place. By the time he had talked to them, we had already decided to go to wonder bar instead, but it says wonders when someone goes out of their way that much for you. He even bought us pizza while we waited! Then all of a sudden, one of the speakers blew up front on the trolley. Within 10 minutes, Gideon had a guy in the trolley fixing it for us. He had wanted to fix it when we were in the bar, but because they wouldn't let us in, it didn't work that way. HOWEVER, because we had to wait, Gideon gave us an extra hour FREE! he's a real business man, definitely stands by his product.
So we headed over to wonder bar and got real VIP treatment: skipped the 20 person line, got our own VIP booth (the bar kicked out 5 people that were already there to give it to us) and a round of shots. We partied there until around 2:30. Then the worst part of the night hit: some asshole walking down the street, drunk, broke 2 windows outside our bus. We chased after him and called the police, but Gideon insisted that we let it slide and keep partying because he wanted us to have a good time.
We ended up spending the rest of the time partying on the bus. Most of us were so tired or so drunk that we fell asleep for the ride home. Amateurs, I know.

Overall, even though we hit a few speed bumps throughout the night, we had an amazing time. Everyone wants to do it again, and this is definitely the place I'll be going. Beth and Gideon run a sweet operation and do whatever they can to make your night the best it can be. I know I've rambled on, but reading reviews is what sold me on the trolley in the first place. If you're looking for an incredible night out, disco balls, fog machine, lights, crazy sound system, stripper poles, etc. This is the place to go!

Thanks Gideon, Stanley and Beth!





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